Serve yogurt tubes with a straw for easier eating, less mess

Janice solves the over-squeeze problem!yokids_squeezers.gif

I realized that it’s much easier for my toddler to eat a yogurt tube snack (ie, YoKids Squeezers or GoGurt) if I put a drinking straw into the package so he can suck it up rather than squeeze it. He’s gone from barely eating half at a time to sometimes two tubes in a sitting because he’s not frustrated by the whole squeeze up from the bottom thing. It’s also much less messy this way. Bonus points (less mess) if you use scissors to only open enough of the top to fit the straw into the tube.

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  1. says

    This hack also works great for yogurt smoothies (stab the straw through the foil that seals the lid) or yogurt cups like Danimals. WAY less messy and WAY more portable.

    I never thought to try it with Gogurts, though. Thanks!

  2. Sunny says

    We also freeze them!

    Also, a fun hack for yogurt cups is to stick a popsicle stick through the top, and freeze it. Then the kids get yogurt-pops :) Just make sure to use yogurt cups that don’t have a inner-lip!

  3. Jill says

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to get the drinkable yogurt instead of trying to put a straw in the tube and risk a double whammy of squeezing and squirting out the straw?

    I don’t see the draw of the squeezy yogurt.

  4. Janice says

    I don’t really get the draw of the squeezy yogurt either, but I also don’t understand why shrimp is so much better when stabbed with a chopstick instead of a fork. Someday, my son will have enough words to explain it, I hope. I think the rejection of drinkable yogurt is a texture thing, but again, I don’t really know. He was eating kefir in a squeezable pouch with a spout, and I was trying to duplicate that by adding the straw to the tube. And it worked, so I had to share! The nice thing about the tube yogurt is that it’s a smaller size, so I don’t have leftover yogurt sitting in my fridge. Because we certainly can’t eat the same snack two days in a row…

  5. Monera says

    We normally go with cup yogurt and we add cereal to ours which is easier to clean than milk and it helps the yogurt stay less messy. Something to bind to I think.