Momversation: Is your kid addicted to video games?

Is your kid addicted to video games? This is the episode in which I reveal my son's frustrating, befuddling addiction to video games. I'm not one who generally thinks of video games as the spawn of the Devil…but I've also never seen a kid so thoroughly entranced. Is it a boy thing? Is it a […]

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Parent Toolbox: Organizing carpool volunteers, or How I learned to stop waiting and love the carpool line If you're in charge of organizing any type of volunteer group, check out Savvy Source's latest post in the Parent Toolbox. Boston Mamas: Little Locket helps with the transition to Kindergarten What a sweet way to help a […]

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Sara Brumfield's Blog: No Stir Crockpot Risotto Just ran into this on Sara's blog. Fall comfort food weather is setting in… Free E-book Full of Preschool Activities and Ideas : Heavenly Homemakers What a great resource. Thanks for sharing, Laura!

Nipple-shaped medicine dispenser works well for babies

Munchkin Medicator

Sue’s had good luck with this Munchkin gadget: My son had allergies starting at just a few months old. We were supposed to give him steady doses of liquid allergy medicine, but our 4 month-old had a hard time swallowing! My husband and I found the perfect hack for medicating our little guy: The Medicator. […]

Introducing the Slideshare Parent Toolbox

Picture 2.png

One of the reasons I started Parent Hacks was because I was hoping to find out how other people were doing this parenting thing. How do other people manage to remember to refill the diaper bag after an outing? How is it that other people's kids have snow gear that actually fits when winter hits […]

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Kids Bike In a Box – Cyclelicious Interesting way to buy a new, good-quality bike for your kid. (Free!) Museum Day 2009 | Hundreds of museums are offering free admission the Saturday! I know what I'm doing this weekend. Thanks so much for the reminder, Serena!

Cut school flyers into quarters for colorful scratch paper

Fiskars Paper Trimmer

Does your school send your child home with a stack of flyers and announcements every week? Rather than toss them into the recycling bin (as I've always done), I've taken to cutting them into quarters and stacking them by the phone. I'm always scrabbling around looking for scratch paper, and my kids often ask for […]