Orbit White chewing gum container makes the perfect toddler-sized snack holder (among other things)

Orbit White Chewing GumHas anyone else noticed the excitement in the chewing gum aisle? Gum doesn't just come in little rectangular packages anymore. The marketing machine grinds on, and now gum comes in all sorts of wild flavors, shapes…and containers.

As a treat for making it through the first couple weeks of school intact, I got each of my kids a "Big-e-pack" of Orbit White gum. They each blew through their 60 pieces in less than a week, but I was pleased to be left with two sturdy, flip-top plastic containers. In fact, the top flips two ways: one side opens to reveal a silver dollar-sized opening, and the other opens a space perfectly-sized for a few Cheerios. You see where I'm going with this?

Excellent snack holder for a toddler. See the ergonomic shape, perfect for chubby little fists? Great for cereal, nuts, Goldfish crackers, or the like. Other uses:

  • Bead/bauble holder
  • Travel case for vitamins or medicine (not child-proof, however)
  • Pourer for sugar, glitter, water, or sand (think beach, sandbox or bath toy)
  • Portioner for movie candy (because no one needs to eat an entire box of Skittles or M&Ms)
  • Ribbon or yarn dispenser (pop a ribbon or yarn ball in, trail the end of the ribbon/yarn out of the small hole, pull the length you want)

I'm sure there are many more uses you can come up with — if you think of any, let us know!

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  1. Karen says

    I keep a few of these containers in my car so I can dispense snacks that we might purchase while we’re out and about.