Nipple-shaped medicine dispenser works well for babies

Sue’s had good luck with this Munchkin gadget:Munchkin Medicator

My son had allergies starting at just a few months old. We were supposed to give him steady doses of liquid allergy medicine, but our 4 month-old had a hard time swallowing! My husband and I found the perfect hack for medicating our little guy: The Medicator. It sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie… but it works like a charm! It’s a pacifier and medicine dispenser in one, so baby doesn’t choke medicine down or spit it back up.

If you’ve got some extra bottle nipples on hand, you can hack a homemade medicine dispenser together as well.

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  1. laurel says

    i have tried these and virtually everything the pharmacist/doctor/nurses etc have suggested to get my 3 month old son (who is currently only breastfed and doesn’t take a pacifier) to take his very bitter reflux medicine of which he has to take 8mls 2x a day. the only thing i find that works is to wait until he’s very hungry and put a longer tipped syringe alongside my nipple and inject verrry slowly.

  2. Tabatha says

    DH and I use this for our now 3 month old daughter who has to take penicillin twice a day until age 5 after that who knows and we like it a lot. Only drawback is medicine will get trapped between nipple piece and medicine piece and we have to add extra medicine to make up for what gets trapped and doesn’t come out of dispenser.