23 September 2009

Introducing the Slideshare Parent Toolbox

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One of the reasons I started Parent Hacks was because I was hoping to find out how other people were doing this parenting thing. How do other people manage to remember to refill the diaper bag after an outing? How is it that other people's kids have snow gear that actually fits when winter hits (and where did they get it?)? How do other parents make this thing look so easy?  

I set out to collect parents' hacks simply because there's no way any of us can have all the answers. Almost ten years of parenting has taught me that everyone can use a hand, and that what's obvious to you may never have occurred to me (a moment I call the Parent Hacks Forehead Slap).

Picture 4.pngThat notion of the communal idea swap is behind a new project I'm involved with: the Slideshare Parent Toolbox.

If you've never been to Slideshare before, check it out -- it's a place to publicly share documents and presentations (think YouTube/Flickr for documents). The Parent Toolbox is a place to talk about how you use technology to simplify your family life. A bunch of my favorite FM parenting bloggers will be sharing their tips and uploading templates you can grab and customize to suit your own needs. I shall be the editorial butterfly flitting among their great ideas, commenting, pointing things out, and adding my own thoughts.


It's a perfect fit, because swapping tips, solving problems, and (often) using a bit of tech is exactly what's going on here at Parent Hacks. Plus, I get to work with a bunch of bloggers I not only respect, I like.

To kick it off, Danny Evans, of Dad Gone Mad, shares the homework chart he created for his kids, and Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman) shows how she turned a basic Word template into a flyer for her new cookbook.

Microsoft Office is sponsoring the whole deal, including ads on Parent Hacks and paying me for my editorial work. And while Office is the major app behind most of the documents and presentations on Slideshare, the Parent Toolbox isn't only about Office, nor is my editorial limited to "Let me count the ways I love Office" posts. But, judging by the creativity of the posts I'm seeing, folks who use Office at work are making great use of it at home, too.

Over the next few months, I'll post regular updates here at Parent Hacks. I invite you to drop by the Parent Toolbox, leave your comments, and upload your own documents -- if anyone blends family and tech in a smart way, its you!

Amazing butterfly photo by e3000, at Flickr. License: CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

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Having a child is a responsibility. Taking good care of them is part of it. Raising up a kid is not easy. But the good thing about it is you see the learning stages of your child. For me that's a wonderful experience. Isn't it?

Sounds like a great project, Asha. Congratulations!

Thanks, Yolanda -- I'm really excited about it.

We connected with Dan at SlideShare on Twitter over this exact release. We LOVE the parental focus and have taken the same approach with our resource center on FaceFile. Kudos, guys. Awesome tool.

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