How to make a milk carton handle? Talk amongst yourselves.

milk.jpgWhen I was growing up, my mom always slid the milk carton into a plastic holder that gave the carton a handle — thereby making it easier for me to pour. I see milk carton pourers are still on the market, but I'm wondering if anyone has a good idea for making one from scratch?

I have two desires: for my daughter to pour her own milk (her hand strength isn't the greatest), and for me to continue in my cheapskate ways.

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  1. miriam says

    put it in a pitcher. smaller and lighter than a carton of milk, and with a handle. may encourage you to buy gallon jugs, since it eliminates the need to pour “at table” with them.

  2. miriam says

    duh! use a tea pot. it’s got a lid and a spout, it’s made of ceramic (ez to clean), it’s smaller than a quart of milk and you probably already have one.

  3. Jill says

    buy milk in the plastic containers that already have handles? :) Or buy that once, and clean it out, and pour new milk into it each time?

  4. Jane says

    With my little ones I pour just enough milk into a cup or small pitcher (like for milk container that comes with a sugar bowl). This way they can still pour their own milk, but if it spills it’s not a big mess. I only let my kids pour from the glass milk bottles that the milkman brings when there is only a bit of milk left, and they are light enough for them to pour it easily.

  5. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Thanks everyone! I’m looking for something that keeps the milk sealed (so an open pitcher or teapot wouldn’t work).

    On second thought, the milk cartons of my youth were never sealed — just folded closed. Remember? So covered, yes, but is sealing milk in the fridge even necessary?

  6. says

    I went in on these cute little mini pitchers from lakeshore learning with a few friends. their sold in packs of 6, so we each kept two, one for milk and one for water or juice. the kids LOVE them and they are perfect for little hands and fingers!

  7. linda says

    i have a small pitcher (about one quart) from ikea that comes with a lid. you twist the lid to uncover the spout. i fill it with ice cubes and water in the summer so the kids can pour their own water…it’s easy enough for them to use and the spout keeps the ice cubes in. i don’t have enough space in my fridge to have another milk container, so i just let the kids pour their own milk when the cartons are near empty. i think tupperware also used to make a small covered pitcher…i’m not sure if they still do.

    i like the handle on the milk carton. can kids pour if the carton is full?

  8. miriam says

    Not so bad, the fridge odors. I put mexican hot chocolate in a big ceramic coffeepot (tall and skinny, fits in fridge better)– the lid is enough to keep it from getting stinky, apparently.
    Certainly the links above (and a 30 sec search on amazon– didn’t expect it to be that easy) provide many containers with more occlusive lids.

  9. Jill says

    Our milk is in the regular paper cartons that just sort of fold up closed. I like those best b/c they’re recyclable. the ones with the stupid plastic spouts are a pain b/c you have to cut the plastic out to recycle.

  10. Caroline says

    I bought a small rubbermaid bottle (with a cap that has a flap that snaps closed) to put milk in for my daughter. The bonus is that if she forgets to put it back in the refridge, the whole gallon doesn’t go bad.

    But, that doesn’t solve the issue of not spending money, sorry.

  11. Lynnsy says

    I haven’t tried this, but here is an idea… Next time buy a gallon of milk. When it’s empty, creatively cut and duct tape that sucker into the shape that will hold your paper cartons. I made a bath toy scooper out of a gallon milk jug by cutting a large opening in the top (but preserved the handle) and poking holes for drainage in the bottom. Good luck!

  12. Linda says

    i’m all about self-sufficiency for the kids! if they can pour from a mostly-full milk carton just by adding a handle, i’ll add a handle. i used an empty gallon water jug (cut out the handle and some of the jug), non-slip shelf liner, and the rubber bands that come wrapped around produce to make a pretty sturdy handle for our milk carton. my 4yo was able to pour fairly well (a little spill) and my 7yo was able to pour one-handed from a fairly full carton. thanks for the idea, asha and lynnsy! i took a picture but i don’t know how to post it.

  13. Kirsten says

    This just reminded me of what a friend of mine does. She bought a mini milk jug full of cream or half and half or something (a mini version of the regular plastic jugs). When it was gone she just cleaned it real good, and filled it with milk. The kids (she has 6) have no problem taking care of their own breakfast. She calls it her little milk.