links for 2009-09-30

Chez Beeper Bebe: Birthday Goodies Homemade goodie bags. How adorable. blog : How-To: Baby Leg Warmers From Dollar Store Scarf Cozy cozy.

links for 2009-09-29

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | What To Do This Weeked: Make a $10 Play Kitchen Dang, that's cool. Ask Moxie: Sharing and Caring Week: Morning Routines Moxie had a wonderful series last week in which people shared their routines — morning/evening, go-to dinners, schedule management…all the mundane stuff we do but wonder if other people are […]

Orbit White chewing gum container makes the perfect toddler-sized snack holder (among other things)

Orbit White Chewing Gum

Has anyone else noticed the excitement in the chewing gum aisle? Gum doesn't just come in little rectangular packages anymore. The marketing machine grinds on, and now gum comes in all sorts of wild flavors, shapes…and containers. As a treat for making it through the first couple weeks of school intact, I got each of […]

In the Parent Toolbox: House rules fridge sign

House Rules by The Mommy Blog

New in the Parent Toolbox today: Mindy Roberts of The Mommy Blog shares the cuter-then-I-could-come-up-with sign she created to make sure the rules of the house are known to all who live there. Related: About the Slideshare Parent Toolbox

links for 2009-09-25

Half Full: Science for Raising Happy Kids » The Importance of Pain Yes, yes, YES. "The Blessing of the Skinned Knee" — one of my favorite parenting books. Via @rookiemoms on Twitter. Cleaning Children's Rooms : Organizing : Home & Garden Television Great ideas, many of which I MUST implement tonight. I never learned this […]