03 August 2009

Redbox DVD rentals work well as road trip entertainment

Reva's found a simple, smart way to keep the DVD selection fresh while on a road trip:

We recently took a road trip with our 2 1/2 year-old and my nine-month pregnant self. On the way back, I knew I just wouldn't have the energy to play any games with her and I didn't feel like shelling out another $15 on a new kid DVD (she has seen all of hers many times). My husband had the brilliant idea of checking out the Redbox DVD rental kiosk to see if it had anything kid-friendly. Score! -- there was a Dora the Explorer DVD! Best part is you can return DVDs to ANY Redbox, so we rented it one day in Iowa, and returned it the next at our local WalMart Redbox. $1 for sanity on the road? Priceless!

Brilliant! I'm a Redbox ignoramus (we're Netflix members), but I've been meaning to look into it. We've been known to take our Netflix DVDs on the road, mailing them back somewhere along the way, but that doesn't solve the problem of getting a new movie en route. This does!

Redbox kiosks are available in fast food joints, gas stations, and stores all over the country. You can reserve a DVD and pick it up at the Redbox of your choice, or you can just show up and grab whatever's available. Rentals are $.99 per day.

It's Free Movie Monday! The first Monday of every month is Free Movie Monday -- so, today only (till midnight), enter the code 27HZ4KT for a free rental! (Keep an eye on Inside Redbox for future promotions and discounts -- hat tip to Amy of MomAdvice for the pointer.)

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www.insideredbox.com also has a list of codes that work only in certain locations and stores. Don't forget to register at Redbox's own site, www.redbox.com. for an additional code that will work on your first rental (insideredbox is not the official site, but it's wonderful). Blockbuster is also about to enter the cheap rental market and all of the rental kiosks will soon carry video games. Some allow you to purchase used DVDs.

I never knew we could return to a different location than we borrowed from. What a handy tip! Thanks!

What an awesome idea. Our family just returned from vacation and there's a diverse set of tastes that make Red Box look like an ideal option for our future trips. Thanks for the tip!

Rob Wilcox (and family)
Founder - Face File

There is an iPhone app that will find the Redboxes either close to you or in a place you choose...

Wow that's great, fresh dvd's all the way!

The good thing is that you can find them everywhere now.

New on redbox is Almost Famous, Anchorman, Black Sheep, Catch Me If You Can, The Gift, Old School, Road Trip, Zoolander MORE?

Blu-ray titles will start to pop up in your local Redbox kiosk over the next few months, and the company has talked the major movie studios into keeping the rental price at a sane level.

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