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2729935069_7066c226ea_m.jpgI’ve decided, this year, it’s not BACK to school. It’s FORWARD to school.

Both of my kids will be starting new schools this year; my son is heading off to a private school for 4th grade, and my daughter is transferring to our neighborhood school (from a public magnet school) for 1st grade. We have yet another sea of change ahead of us when school begins after Labor Day. There’s much I intend to write about concerning their school experiences, but I’ll wait until everyone’s started and generally settled before saying much more.

Last year was the first year my kids were in full-time school, and it was the most complicated, frenetic year yet. Even more than when my son was a newborn, more than when he was in preschool and my daughter was a newborn. Not what I expected. But then, when has parenting ever been what I expected?

I tell you this not to strike fear into your heart as you face the school years, but to encourage you to maintain an open mind about what’s ahead. To rejoice in whatever you’re experiencing now with your kids, because, soon it will be different. Easier, maybe, harder, maybe…there’s no way to know. Take care of yourself. Stay connected to your family and your friends. Treat yourself gently and kindly. And celebrate every golden moment with those kids. Take pictures. Write one-sentence journal entries about them in your calendar. Turn off the iPhone. Give them undivided attention whenever you can.

I’m not usually one to get sentimental about “how fast they grow up,” but I’m finding myself getting wistful. And I’m trying to get into my head that, before I know it, now will become “those simpler days” I’ll miss.

Regular PH updates are on their way…after a few more late summer afternoons with my beautiful, growing-up-too-fast kids.

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  1. says

    “To rejoice in whatever you’re experiencing now with your kids, because, soon it will be different.”

    Thank you so much for this reminder (and your one quote in particular). Yesterday was meet the teacher for my transitional-kindergartener (he’s 3 and a half). I found myself getting incredibly frustrated that I have to buy a new pair of shoes for him to keep at school in his change of clothes bag. He’s likely never to wear them. I know, silly to get that worked up over it…

    (and I now have a plan to propose an end-of-the year donation drive of all the kids “gently used” change of clothes to a local kids closet type organization)

  2. says

    I was so not ready for school this year. Different job, less time for me to be home and work on it, missing more of the process. Ep is home more, so that is helpful (someone is doing it), but it isn’t what I’m used to, either – I’m used to it being Me.

    I did make it to the meet-the-teacher event, and that was all sorts of good. Mr G is off into (GULP) 6th grade, and Mr B is in 2nd now. It’s amazing to watch them grow, and I love the bittersweet letting-go-a-little-more thing, rather than dreading it. Still, I wasn’t quite ready this year. Not sure I was last year, but it was a different not ready this year.

  3. holli says

    i just wish all schools would go to uniforms..god it would be so much easier that i got to have this cause if i dont ill get made fun god parents cant we teach are kids about it sucks to be poor and not have the “right”stuff to wear???why cant we teach them its ok to be different..its the poor kids that are poor that hear these stories not lil miss goody too shoes up the road with her 120$ pair of nike shocks..there told it is ok to be better and act accordingling…step on the less fortunate kids with disgusting words throw yer food on them tell them they stink and they look stupid carrying the same bookbag from last year…hell make them give there good stuff to the kid they decide aint good enoug take them to the goodwill and buy there clothes there and maybe just maybe someone might get the point…it sux to be poor and no one kid says i think i want to be picked on because my family dont have the money to dress me like the rich kids..rambling yes but it is the thruth cold hard thruth bites… holli johnson