Momversation: What are your school year resolutions?


What are your school year resolutions?

Just because I'm hanging onto the last days of summer with white knuckles doesn't mean I don't have plans for the school year ahead. I find myself piecing through our past year's routine to recycle the bits that worked and tweak the bits that didn't.

Laurie Gelman of Cookie Magazine has taken it a bit further: Cookie and the National PTA have dubbed August 30 School Year's Eve — a day to mark the transition to a new school year and to get excited about learning.

I'm all about rituals and occasions, and while our "party" might look more like a cheerful family dinner, I love the idea of consciously encouraging kids (and parents) to make goals for the school year ahead. A biggie for me: shine a brighter spotlight on my kids' successes than on their rough spots.

What are your School Year's Eve resolutions? Leave a comment on!

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