Amazon Friday sale: Digital frames, Pull-Ups, and 20% off My Brest Friend nursing pillows

Parenthacker-worthy picks in today’s Amazon Friday sale:

Digital frame

Digital picture frames make a big showing this week — several models are in the half price range. It still surprises me how expensive these are, but having a few around the house liberates your photos from your computer and lets your family and friends enjoy them.

My Brest FriendPull-Ups Training Pants for Boys (2T-3T) are 35% off today: $12.99 for a pack of 44 (usually $19.99)

Friday sale prices are good today only.

Also, till 8/23, My Brest Friend nursing pillows and slipcovers are 20% off. When my son was a baby, several friends said they couldn’t live without this pillow, especially during those early weeks of nursing. That was almost 10 years ago (gulp), but I know new moms who say the same thing today. Fantastic baby shower or new baby gift.


  1. Tashi's mom says

    I borrowed a BreastFriend pillow from the lactation dept where my daughter was born. It was the greatest help during the first few weeks of BF – the flat surface helped keep her in position instead of falling into a valley between me and the pillow.