Reuse sport bottles as spill-proof containers for drive-though beverages

Carrie's tip for spill-proof drinks in the car once the kids are past sippy cups:

I keep empty sport bottles in the car for young kids. Should we decide to buy a drink from a drive-through (my daughters love the apple juice slushes at Sonic), I can order a large one more cheaply, then transfer it into the non-spilling sports bottles before I pass them into the back seat. Saves a little money and a lot of mess!

If you're looking for something washable, there are plenty of stylish, kid-friendly sport bottles on the market. There are the ever-popular Sigg spillproof bottles, and these stainless steel Nathan bottles have a nifty flip-straw. If you're looking for something a little lighter weight, check out these BPA-free plastic bottles from BioGreen and Nalgene.

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  1. says

    I have to say, that we got some of the Nathan bottles and the issue became that when the bottle warmed up a little bit and the straw gets flipped the juice, gatorade, water, would shoot out of the straw. Just recently I ended up with gatorade in my eye and all over the car…

    Thermos, makes a straw cup that doesn’t seem to have that problem…I just ordered a couple to replace the one we left in a hotel refrigerator.

  2. Steph says

    This is a good idea. I’ve been doing this for years with my two (well, now three) kids with food and drinks. I too had the problem with the liquid shooting out of the straws. OR my daughter had a hard time actually sucking the liquids through the straws-the suction was too great. So I have found that regular soda bottles work the best for my kids. And if they are a sport top-like some of the deer park water bottles-it is still good with carbonated drinks.