Parent Hacks admin: Stormy weather

As you may have noticed, my presence here or anywhere else online continues to be patchy. I wish I could tell you it’s because of my summer beach frolicking or my fabulous remote-jungle excursions, but my story remains the same: life continues to be complicated enough that I can’t manage consistency. Different circumstances, same result. The irony is that, since mid-May, by focus and plan has been to update the back end so Parent Hacks isn’t as vulnerable to life’s storms. But…life’s storms have made it impossible to do that work right now, and even the work it takes to accept all of your generous offers of help. Sigh.

I almost didn’t write this…I’m aware of broken record syndrome and I don’t want to sound like a whiner. But I feel a big responsibility to you, and, more than that, I LIKE YOU. As I try to keep my friends informed about the general state of my life, I try to do the same with you.

So. Just know I am here and I’m not going anywhere. Hacks will continue to appear as I can get them up. And I stand by my fervent belief that this is TEMPORARY. I see many bright and promising lights at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for listening, everyone. xo


  1. Jess says

    Real life is far more important than on-line stuff. Those that believe otherwise need their priorities fixed.

    I’m still working through the archives. I have yet to read everything. I can still stand to review tips, too.

    Here’s hoping everything gets easier and better for you. Thanks for your great resource!

    Tonight’s quest – those tips on stain removal. (Whoops.)

  2. Deb says

    Hugs to you – i saw a comment by you on Simple Mom today and thought immediately that i had not had a Parent hacks post in my reader for a while. I got worried that I accidentally deleted the feed and was relieved to see your post today.

    I hope things settle down for you soon, but real life at home is always more important than the internet – we can wait!

  3. Melanie says

    WE LIKE YOU TOO so take all the time you need and we’ll see you on the flipside when life deals you some better cards!

  4. Robin says

    We’ll wait for you! You provide an amazing service to parents…here’s hoping some of that goodness comes back to you.

  5. Sarah E says

    We like you, too. It’s funny – between your comments here and your appearances on Momversations, I sort of feel like I know you! I hope your situation gets better soon… don’t worry about your online community, we all know how it is to have family life take over everything sometimes. Take care!

  6. says

    Real life is more important. There is a wealth of information here already for people to find and use.

    You’ve already done a great job!

    as other people have rightfully said – we will patiently wait till you have time again.

    you’re worth the wait, and (i say again) real life is ALWAYS more important.


  7. Roshni says

    All I can say is that hope things work out as quickly as they should. I have a selfish motive here, but really wish you well…

  8. Asha (Parent Hacks Editor) says

    Isn’t it funny how we call offline life “real” life? So true, but, reading your comments makes me feel more real and connected than I have in some time. Thank you all for understanding.

  9. amy says

    This post really touched my heart! My life is kind of complicated at the moment as well and it just made me feel a little more connected to read your post. I feel for you and I am so glad you did decide to write that post! I hope the storms pass soon and I hope that it makes you stronger in the end. All the best to you and looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

  10. says


    Am thinking of you and sending lots of strong wishes and hugs.

    Meanwhile, the world will continue to spin while you attend to personal matters AND we’ll be happy whenever we hear from you. You’ve built such a strong and loyal community; we’re not going anywhere.

    xoxo Christine

  11. Marta says

    Hang in there, Asha! Your clear priorities are a hack in and of themselves. And y’know, as my kid gets bigger, I just consult different sections of the archives. If you were editing a book instead of a blog, you’d be done by now.

  12. says

    Oh my goodness!! In the short time I have been reading PH, I have gained SO MUCH. You provide such a great service and I totally echo the above comment — we will wait for you! Please don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged — just know we will appreciate the updates when you can get to them. Hang in there!!

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