links for 2009-07-18

Journey Into Unschooling: Piping Cupcakes Ziploc bags to the rescue! Again! Easy and fun. Summer Boredom Buster Boxes from Pizza Boxes | Great idea! (And your "About Me" section of your blog makes me want to invite you over for some lemonade, Amber. Lovely.)

links for 2009-07-17

Get Rid Of Wasps: Traps & Tips : (via Lifehacker.) DIY Moon Sand « Skip To My Lou Corn starch seems to be an ingredient in all the fun crafts! The Happiness Project Toolbox WOW! I have long been a fan of Gretchen Rubin's blog, The Happiness Project. She has now come up with […]

Amazon deal: One year of Real Simple magazine for $5 (ends tomorrow)

For me, magazines are some of the cheapest-yet-most-satisfying diversions around. And one of my favorites, Real Simple, is on big-time sale at Amazon till tomorrow: $5 for a one-year subscription. $5! That’s 12 issues of premium organizational fantasy fodder for the price of a Starbucks breakfast. Hold the iced latte and get this nice treat […]

links for 2009-07-16

American Heart Association iPhone app – Pocket First Aid & CPR Save medical information profiles for everyone in your family, and keep first aid procedures at your fingertips should you ever need them. (Doesn't stand in for actual CPR certification, but still). The app costs $3.99. Need a bookcase? IKEA donating money toward early childhood […]

Parent Hacks admin: Stormy weather

As you may have noticed, my presence here or anywhere else online continues to be patchy. I wish I could tell you it’s because of my summer beach frolicking or my fabulous remote-jungle excursions, but my story remains the same: life continues to be complicated enough that I can’t manage consistency. Different circumstances, same result. […]

Make your own single-serve Jell-O cups

I love it when the whole family's involved! Will, husband of legendary Parenthacker Hedra, sent this in…perfect for grab-and-go summer snacking: A few weeks ago I was grocery shopping with the girls, and Miss M wanted more Jell-O ™ cups, but they now use high fructose corn syrup, which she can't have. Very sad Miss […]