Momversation (our 100th episode!): Finding your “me” time


When our producer told us that today was Momversation’s 100th episode, I couldn’t believe it. Still feels new to me, perhaps because the conversation is always fresh and interesting (and my fellow panelists never fail to surprise me). We put together a special 100th-episode tribute on the Momversation blog.

Today’s episode is about finding “me” time. You remember who “you” are, right? Don’t snicker — it’s frighteningly easy to forget about yourself in the parenting jumble. I’m not the only mom I know who has a hard time answering the simple question: what do you like to do? There was a time not long ago when I’d answer: I don’t remember.

Our special guests kick off the conversation: Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, authors of Today’s Moms: Essentials for Surviving the Baby’s First Year. Heather of Dooce and Daphne of Cool Mom join in.

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