How to avoid static electric shocks at the bottom of the playground slide

Amazon: Swing - N - Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready - To Assemble Swing Set Kit Vivian! I'm past the slide-catching phase so I'd forgotten about those awful shocks one gets from the slide! Thank you for this very practical hack:

My daughter has a great time on the slide at the park but she needs someone to catch her. Up till now every time I would touch her we would both get that wonderful static electric shock until I realized that if I touched her shoe first we didn't get zapped. I am not sure if it works for all shoes or just rubber-soled ones, but it is worth a try. It certainly made sliding more fun for both of us.

Anyone else have a tip for de-shocking the playground slide?

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  1. says

    Bring a dryer sheet to the playground! When I was a kid and slides were still metal, my Granny gave me and my brother wax-paper lunchbags to slide down the slide on to make it more slippery. These days putting a dryer sheet under a kid’s bum can help with the static “zap.” (I used to keep one in the seat of my car because I was always getting zapped by the frame when I got out and reached to shut the door. It helped!)

  2. nicole says

    Thanks for this hack! we’ve been getting zapped for years now! With one on his way to the slide age and another baby on the way, I thought there was no end in site! :) This is an awesome solution!

  3. Zed says

    Hahaha! I clicked on this thinking it was a hack to prevent ME from getting shocked when I go down the slide myself! I love those big spiral slides, but I hate getting shocked by the bolt heads on the way down. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing to be done about it.

    This is still good to know!

  4. says

    Zed, The dryer sheet will work for the bolts on the spiral slide as well. Using waxed paper will cut down on friction which will reduce the build-up of static on the plastic part of the slide.

  5. Helen says

    We have this problem too. I put a dryer sheet in my son’s pocket but when he came down there was still static.So that wasn’t a solution for us. Someone said, when you have static, touch a key first (or in this case, touch the key to your kid when they get to the bottom of the slide) and it helps. That didn’t help either. Finally I sent a suggestion to a playground company. I can’t believe they have been ignoring this for so long. It is really a problem. When I keep getting shocked, I really hestitate to touch my kids and the young one is so fast, needs to be handled quickly otherwise he can get into trouble….basically it’s an issue for me.