Cut-off bread crusts turn into homemade bread crumbs

Kate of turned one of the more annoying food fusses into a thrifty cooking tip:

If you are constantly cutting the crust off of your child's sandwiches, don't throw it away. Save it in the freezer in a zip top baggy. In a week or two, you will have enough to put into the food processor with some herbs for yummy homemade bread crumbs.

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  1. says

    Bread scraps can also be frozen, bit by bit, and used for bread pudding after you’ve accumulated enough.

    But not to rant too much, I always hafta wonder why parents trim the crusts off their kids bread anyway. It isn’t as though infants come out of the chute with a predisposition towards bread crusts – parents instill and reinforce this preference through action and example.

    But regardless of whether the kids eat ‘em on a sandwich or repurposed in another way, it’s worth mentioning that the bread’s crust is actually the healthiest part of the loaf:

  2. says

    Another use for old crusts or just old bread that’s been frozen is to take it to the duck pond with your kids and feed the ducks!

  3. Nutmeg says

    @Rob… I’ve never cut a crust off the bread for my son, and we often give him the heel of the loaf, but I will tell you this much. If I give him a slice of bread or toast or a sandwich or what have you, now at a little over 2.5… he DOES NOT EAT THE CRUST. He nibbles right up to it, leaving a U shaped piece of crust.

    So… if I cut his crusts off ahead of time, I Could conceivably save them for another use rather than toss them out for birds. If I just give him the crusts (as I do) they don’t get eaten and the aren’t usable in the future.

    This is all to say some kids do come out of the “chute” with a predisposition towards not liking certain textures and flavors (just as adults also have). Just as they come out with different personalities, senses of humor, sleeping habits, hair textures, etc.

    So, while I haven’t historically cut off crusts, maybe I will so I can save them to make bread pudding (I already save stale loaves for this!)

  4. Nutmeg says

    And regarding my above comment just this weekend I was wondering why ALL kids seem to hate crust, even when you have not entertained this distaste in the slightest way. I was thinking it must be inbred (pun intended)

  5. Sandy says

    I refuse to cut the crusts off for my son. He can eat around them himself. Also, then he has the opportunity to eat them when he’s hungry enough. Or his twin sister could finish them off for him if she needs more to eat. (Not all kids come out disliking crusts!)

  6. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Ah, the old “should we or shouldn’t we give in to food fussiness” debate! For me, this has fallen under one of those battles I don’t choose to fight. I have found, even with my two very picky children, that the bread crust issue eventually solves itself whether or not you cut the crusts off. That is, one day, they get a sandwich at a friend’s house or at a restaurant that has the crust firmly attached. And they eat the whole sandwich. Problem solved forevermore.

    It just takes some kids longer than others.

  7. mes says

    My 3.5 yr old has no issue with crust and never has. I didn’t either, as far as I can remember, so it never occurred to me to cut the crusts off. Nature or nurture? I’m not sure.

  8. says

    I have never cut crusts off of bread/sandwiches, but at some point my daughter stopped eating them. I have no idea why – we always eat them, and we never planted any ideas about them being bad. I still refuse to cut them off, thinking that some day she’ll be hungry enough to eat them, but it’s true – they get wasted this way instead of saved for other uses. Hmm, something to think about.

  9. says

    Sounds good in theory, and actually did this once, until the day I noticed my 4 year old licks the crust first. Yes. LICKS IT.

    Somehow knowing this makes the yummy memories of that breaded chicken a *wee* bit less tastey.