links for 2009-07-26

The Toby Show: Set a Time Limit on Tantrums It's amazing how timers can be part of the solution to so many power struggles. I love this hack because it's respectful of a kid's feelings without condoning fit-throwing.

Momversation (our 100th episode!): Finding your “me” time


When our producer told us that today was Momversation’s 100th episode, I couldn’t believe it. Still feels new to me, perhaps because the conversation is always fresh and interesting (and my fellow panelists never fail to surprise me). We put together a special 100th-episode tribute on the Momversation blog. Today’s episode is about finding “me” […]

Parent Hacks admin: Become a fan on Facebook

Parent Hacks on Facebook I may be what one friend once described as “old-school Web” (I’ve been online since ’95) (that’s almost 15 YEARS) (*cough*), but it’s taken me till now to succumb to Facebook. Funny, really, because the conversation is the whole reason I love the Web — blogs, specifically. It’s why I love […]

Dr. Steven Parker, RIP


Wow. Just got a shocker while going through the backlog in my very-neglected feed reader. Dr. Steven Parker, author of the WebMD blog Healthy Children, died unexpectedly back in April. Dr. Parker was many things — a beloved doctor, expert pediatrician at WebMD, director of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center, co-director of […]

links for 2009-07-20

Cool Mom Picks – This build-your-own solar kit isn't rocket science Mmm. Robots. 40 Things To Teach My Kids Before They Leave Home | My Super-Charged Life What a lovely reminder. Via Simple Mom (

Amazon deal: 20% off gDiapers refills with purchase of Starter Kit

We’ve talked about gDiapers before — the “missing link” between reusable and disposable diapers. gDiapers are reusable (and cute!) cloth pants with flushable inserts, and many love them. Cost-per-diaper is similar to premium disposables, but when you factor in the cost to the Earth, well, that’s worth a lot. If you’ve been thinking about trying […]