Store kids’ divided plates on their sides to save cabinet space

Vanessa's smart dish storage tip:

Kids love those cheap character plates made out of melamine that have divided sections. But they're a pain to store because the wells are different sizes which makes it impossible to stack them together flat. We now store our kiddie plates in a shoebox in our cabinet on their edges, facing out. No more avalanche every time we open the cabinet door and it's easier to find the exact plate we're looking for when a grilled cheese sandwich absolutely must be served on Thomas and not Little Einsteins.

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  1. BigBabyBargains says

    GREAT idea. My cabinets are slowly being overrun by these tiny dishes that seem to ambush me everytime I open the cabinet door.

  2. Tracy says

    It didn’t occur to me until reading that this might be a “hack”. We’ve been doing this since our kids were little. Great idea !

  3. Bethany Rudd says

    PERFECT! Why didn’t I think of this before?? Thanks for the space (and sanity!) saver!