20 hacks in June 2009

03 June 2009

Nail brush makes a great laundry scrub brush for tiny clothes

Kids' clothes have more than their share of stains. My pre-soaking treatment for stubborn clothing stains does the trick most of the time, but every now and then I need to apply a little elbow grease. I've found that an old nail brush is the perfect tool for the job...

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03 June 2009

Almost sure-fire clothing stain removal: The Two-Step Presoak

If you're like me, you're in full dresser emptying mode, making room for fresh summer clothes. I've come across plenty of outgrown, stained clothing which needs touching up before it gets shipped to Goodwill or the resale shop. I mentioned this hack long ago when writing up how to prepare...

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02 June 2009

Breathing New Life: Mike Wooldridge's Lung Cancer Triumph

Note: This post is sponsored by the American Cancer Society; ACS has paid me to write the story and has purchased ads on the site. In general, I don't do sponsored posts because I don't want to mix the content at Parent Hacks with its advertising. Compensated product-hawking masquerading as...

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02 June 2009

Cut-off socks cover stinky car seat straps

We've all at least one throwup-in-the-car seat disaster, haven't we? Ours was an hour into a trans-Atlantic flight to Paris. Jennifer's was in the car...check out her brilliant solution for minimizing the yuck factor: When driving to our vacation destination, we found out the hard way that our toddler suffers...

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01 June 2009

Nightlight on a timer tells early risers when it's morning wakeup time

Here's Marie's brilliant hack for teaching her early riser about a reasonable wakeup time. (Especially handy now that the sun's rising earlier.) My three year-old daughter was a very early riser and would wake me up repeatedly to ask if it was time to get up yet. [Don't you love...

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