Organize hair bands by color using a pill case

Lisa's simple organizing tip for rubber hair bands:

Little rubber bands are invading our bathroom! I took an empty seven day pill case (they come in various sizes and shapes) and filled it with hair bands. So now those 400 rubber bands from Wal Mart have a nice neat home in the drawer. Easy peasy, just flip the lid, take what you need and close the lid. Our pill case is clear so my daughter can pick what color she wants and even get them out with no mess.

It took me FOREVER to organize my daughter's hair thingies. I ended up finding a little set of acrylic canisters that screw together so you can grab the whole collection at once. I wish I could show you, but I can't seem to find it on Amazon, or at the Container Store (where I bought it).

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  1. says

    Having a LOT of hair things, including barrettes, we’ve used shoebags for the same effect. Divide the hair thingies up by color and type and stick them in baggies in the shoebags.

  2. Jennifer says

    We had an abundance of those plastic links (like Sassy Lively Links) in our house. Rather than toss them or give them away, we use them to organize hair bands.

    For barrettes, I used wide strips of grosgrain ribbon. At first, I got fancy and color matched the barrettes to the ribbon, but that got too hard. Now, I just have lengths of barrette-laden ribbons. :)

  3. Tracy says

    We do the same thing with the pill boxes !! For other items we use fish lure container/ tackle box or those craft containers that you can move the little plastic dividers in. We also have a caboodle for all of my daughters “play” make-up.

  4. says

    We love our solution for hair stuff… we use a hanging behind the door plastic shoe holder. The ones with lots of open pockets. It holds EVERYTHING! Clips, bands, brushes, combs. I put stuff I don’t want them to have access to in the high up pockets and stuff for them in the lower ones. Perfect!

  5. becki says

    um, yea, right. I will get right on this, after the thousands of other things parents have to do… Is this really a priority for anybody?

  6. says

    Yes, Becki, it is.

    An organized supply of hair things means that doing your kid’s hair in the morning takes much less time – meaning that you have more time to do the “thousands of other things parents have to do”.

    What I want to know is, if you’re so busy you can’t imagine ANYbody appreciating this advice, how are you NOT too busy to bitch and moan about people giving advice that’s not PERSONALLY useful to YOU? Shouldn’t you be, like, out there being busy?