High protein treat: Cocoa fruit dip

My foodie energy has waned for so long that I rarely “whip something up.” But I was inspired by a fascinating class given by a nutritionist friend of mine, and this delicious, filling snack as the result:


I didn’t measure, so everything here is to taste.

Smooth nut butter (liquidy is good; I used Trader Joe’s almond butter)
Cocoa powder
Honey (I got some lovely local, raw honey at the farmer’s market)
Few drops of vanilla
Milk for thinning (I used almond milk, but cream would be delicious, too.)

Whisk everything together until it’s the consistency of chocolate glaze. Dump into a colorful bowl and use it as a dip for banana chunks, strawberries (any berry), marshmallows, pretzels or anything else that could benefit from a little chocolate. I dipped my celery and loved it.

Note: A reminder that honey should only be fed to kids after they are a year old. (Botulism safety.)


  1. mes says

    Not to be picky, but I didn’t think kids under age 1 were supposed to have chocolate, nuts, or milk either…Or maybe my kids have been missing out! Either way, sounds yummy!

  2. Anonymous says

    Chocolate, milk and nuts may be bad for kids’ health, but it won’t kill them (unless they have an allergy). Giving honey to any child under 1 could very well kill them.

  3. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Hey, Anonymous — did you see the note about honey at the bottom of the post?