Organize hair bands by color using a pill case


Lisa's simple organizing tip for rubber hair bands: Little rubber bands are invading our bathroom! I took an empty seven day pill case (they come in various sizes and shapes) and filled it with hair bands. So now those 400 rubber bands from Wal Mart have a nice neat home in the drawer. Easy peasy, […]

Newborn baby hats make good ice pack covers

Amy's smart hack will help cool down summer scrapes: In my house, when someone needs an ice pack, we always wrap it with a towel to take the "bite" off. I recently discovered that ice packs fit perfectly into newborn hats, and it stays in there much better than using only a towel! What a […]

Happy Father’s Day!

I just want to thank all the dads who participate in the conversation here at Parent Hacks. I've always appreciated the balanced vibe here, and I'm glad this is a place where both moms and dads like to hang out. Hopefully today will be whatever you want it to be — active, slothful, simple, elaborate, […]

Replace shoelaces with elastic to transform lace-up shoes into slip-ons


It’s summer and the shoes are going on and coming off now more than ever. Michelle T.’s thrifty hack makes the whole process easier for everyone: Ever get tired of tying your kid’s shoelaces? Or does your kid get frustrated when he can’t tie them himself? I switched out my son’s regular laces for elastic! […]

High protein treat: Cocoa fruit dip


My foodie energy has waned for so long that I rarely “whip something up.” But I was inspired by a fascinating class given by a nutritionist friend of mine, and this delicious, filling snack as the result: COCOA FRUIT DIP I didn’t measure, so everything here is to taste. Smooth nut butter (liquidy is good; […]