Tape combination to padlock so it won’t be forgotten over the summer

Stu sent this to me a long time ago, and I’ve been hanging on to it till the end of the school year! Great tip for students, and for the rest of us who tend to throw padlocks into drawers without noting the combination:

If your kid uses a combination lock at school, but tends to forget the combination over the summer (necessitating the purchase of a new lock): At the end of school, put a piece of tape on the lock and write down the combination. When school is about to start, re-memorize the combination. When you’ve got it memorized, peel off the tape.

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  1. says

    I did the same thing with my new cell phone when I moved to another state and got another telephone number. Just wish I thought about doing that with the drawer full of combo locks I have sitting in my drawer.

  2. tom says

    What I’ve done for years, is anytime I get a new padlock for the gym or something, I gmail myself the combination with a description of the lock. I try to get different colour ones to keep them apart. That way, if I find an older lock on the bottom of a box or something when moving or doing spring cleaning, I just search gmail for the lock, and there’s the combination.