Safety pin keeps baby socks together in the dryer and the drawer

Nicole’s hack simplifies both the folding and the putting away of little socks:

Hate to lose socks in the dryer? Hate little tiny baby socks even more? Pin together pairs of baby socks using safety pins! No more lost socks! And when they’re washed? No folding or pairing, just throw them in the drawer for the next use. I now do this for my husband’s and my socks, too.

Be sure to use stainless steel pins so they don’t rust.

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  1. says

    At the infant stage we have simplified by having exactly one style and color of sock for the Hedgehog. We bought about a dozen pairs, but they’re just loose in the drawer and so if one gets lost in the wash we won’t really notice, until we’re getting low on socks, at which point I’ll just go out and buy more.

  2. Karla says

    Clothespins accomplish the same thing with socks and outfits with two or more pieces. They don’t leave holes like safety pins and are a little “safer” (just in case they fall into little hands).

  3. Jennifer says

    Seriously? I’m going to take the time to match socks from the hamper, pin them together, then unpin them when I need them? Why don’t I just match them after they’re clean? Or like swankette said, just buy one kind of sock? Or just let my kid wear mismatched socks?

  4. says

    I put my kids in thick tights under their pants in winter, then they can’t pull off the socks and its easier than sewing. My 11 month old wore white tights under her overalls today and they just look like plain socks so this works for both girls and boys too!