Post a cleaning agenda in each room

Clancy’s simple, visual housecleaning tip would work so well for me and my family:

One hack I do that I like is this: I survey a room in my house and figure out all the cleaning tasks that need to be done in that room. Then I make a list of those tasks on a sticky index card and stick it to the wall in that room.

Think how well that would apply for a kid’s room! I know my kids look like deer in headlights when I ask them to clean their rooms — where to begin? Posting a simple list in their rooms — and in every room — helps them visualize the task at hand and gives them perspective on everyone’s workload.

Oh, and did you know Post-It makes sticky index cards?

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  1. says

    My sister also does this with her 4 kids and she uses different colored post-it notes picked out by each child to make them feel special (seems to work, they don’t complain too much).

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    *Oh, and did you know Post-It makes sticky index cards?*

    Not only that, but they make a “post-it” glue stick, so you can make anything you want into a sticky. Anything.

    Think…playing cards on unstable surfaces (boat deck, car, etc); bookmarks that don’t slide out when someone else picks up the book; ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ tails; Map printouts on the dash. Anything.

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    What if instead of giving them a list, you help them make the list? That way 1) they learn how to break down the task themselves and 2) they’ll feel less like Cinderella since they are participating in making up their own chores.

  4. April says

    Great idea! And it would be great to let the kids in on the creation of the list. You can get crafty and take pictures of each of the tasks or have the kids draw them. Also, all you office supply geeks, don’t you love the smell of office products when you first walk into Office Max or Staples? Mmmmm. Products!

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    This is a TERRIFIC hack. We do something similar and it has changed everything. I wrote down the 6 things that need to be done in my kids room before going to school, out or whatever. We even let our six-year-old add drawings to the list to 1) let her take ownership of the process and 2) make it clearer to the 3-year-old what is required. We should move the list making to the rest of the house. I hope this addition helps.

    -John L