Painter’s tape keeps multiple toy parts together in the donation bin

Painter's tape keeps small parts together

Bekah’s found a great way to simplify the seasonal toy clean-out:

I was sorting a bunch of toys for donation, and trying to think of the best way to keep toys with multiple parts from getting separated. Painter’s tape! It will be easy for the recipient/buyer to remove. And once I started taping things together it was easier to tell which toys still had missing pieces. I wish I’d thought of this long ago — it would have saved a lot of hassle when rotating out toys and giving toys to friends.

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  1. Lauren says

    We love painters tape! I bundle and tape toddler outfits when we travel with family. Then no matter who dresses them we don’t end up with a bunch of mismatched stripes and patterns at the end of the trip. Blue tape also makes anything into a “sticker” that won’t damage surfaces.

  2. Karla says

    Clothespins accomplish the same thing when donating or storing outfits with two or more pieces and don’t leave holes like safety pins.