links for 2009-05-12


  1. Laurie says

    Do you think there’s any use in this for child under two years? Just curious…

  2. Amy says

    I use a similar poster for my two kids (ages 9 and 6). To make it, I took pictures of their stuff – their backpacks, shoes, brush, etc. – and pasted them onto the chart. This is invaluable for my kindergarten, who literally wanders around the house with his hands in his pockets after breakfast until someone says, “What’s next on your list?”

  3. says

    We use this with our six year old but it is for the whole day.

    We use a white board and update it each week. Each “event” during the day – school, practicing violin, soccer practice, etc. -is represented by a symbol and she crosses it out when the task is done.

    It has been helpful for her – and us! – stay focused on a routine (we tend to be creatures of chaos).