Lansinoh nipple ointment is the perfect antidote for saliva rash

Chris has a great use for the tube of nipple cream that will NEVER get used up any other way:

I've found the perfect solution for those rashes around the mouth: Lansinoh ointment (the stuff you use for breastfeeding). We'd been using Vaseline, Desitin, and Eucerin – whichever was the nearest grab at the moment. But each had to be reapplied constantly. One day I slopped the dabbed the Lansinoh on the toddler's face while putting it on myself after feeding the new baby. I was amazed. It stayed on for a long time and even survived a gentle face washing after snack. I put it on again before bed and the rash was nearly gone the next morning, totally gone the day after. This rash has been on her face so long I was convinced there would be permanent scars. I've been using it on her face on and off for a few months.

My only complaint has been that I put it on too thick before bed one night and it made a bit of a greasy stain on her sheet that never came out.

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  1. Katie says

    I use Lansinoh on my son’s face all the time. He has a licking lips problem and hates cream so I put this on him when he is sleeping. Also use it on cracked heels and dry hands in the winter (slather on and cover hands with cotton socks and wear overnight). I now buy it just for the extra reasons to use it since almost done nursing last child.

  2. says

    My Lansinoh hack is to use it on my son’s thumb (that he’s still sucking, ahem!), especially when it gets chapped in the winter.

  3. Nutmeg says

    Just a word of warning. I know some people are allergic to lanolin (me, for one… ask me how I came to this painful realization). So just keep an eye out for lansinoh making a rash worse.

  4. Dara says

    I’m a huge fan of it on the thumbs as well. My son’s thumbs get calloused or cracked from sucking and I feel safe using Lansinoh on them.

  5. radmama says

    This is genius! My 13yo gets horribly chapped lips when he has a cold and needs something to put on at night that doesn’t smell ‘girly’ or ‘babyish.’

    I have never needed it for nipple care but have used gifted lanisoh for treating wool diaper covers.

  6. ginger says

    great idea!! my daughter has an eczema type rash around her neck and can’t seem to kick it. I’m gonna try the lanolin. Thanks!!

  7. Dana says

    Never had to use it on my nipples but it did turn out to be an excellent lip balm, for me and for toddlers.

  8. Alli says

    I’ve been using this on my son’s top lip for months. He sucks on it and when I coat it overnight it heals well.

  9. says

    I, also, can count the times I’ve used this stuff on my nipples, but I use it every day for a pesky patch of eczema on my face. Love the stuff, and am never going back to lip balm.

  10. Sandy says

    Nutmeg beat me to it, but I also need to say to watch out for lanolin allergy! Yep, I too found out the hard way that I was allergic to it.

    I’ll (carefully) try it on my daughters chapped hands next winter!

  11. segue says

    It is also great for healing a chapped nose/nostril when the kids are sick and get wiped with a tissue too often.

  12. Leslie says

    Great Post… I also use it for kids dry lips and dry thumb for one twin — due to thumb sucking. They call it lipstick!

  13. Celeste says

    My kids get really dry cheeks in winter and I’ve always put lanolin cream on there and it keeps it from getting bad. I just put it on in the morning and before bed and as needed throughout the day.

  14. Patti Jo Medina says

    I was using Lasinoh on my daughter’s face and her pediatrician recommended that I not do that because of risk that she might develop a sensitivity or allergy to lanolin. She says it’s very common and like any other high allergy potential things, like foods, you wait to introduce them until children are older so their risk of allergy is lower.

  15. Nikki says

    Love it! Never needed to use it for my nipples but I’ve used it on just about every other body part for my son and myself. Love it for chapped lips!

  16. wndl says

    just a quick note to say that a dab of Dawn dishwashing soap on the greasy spot on the sheet should take it right out the next time you wash it. I’ve use it on the resultant greasy spots from an accidental chapstick washing (and drying!).

  17. says

    Love to hear from people who have found new ways to use Lansinoh HPA Lanolin! Way before I worked for Lansinoh, I used Lansinoh Lanolin for exactly this purpose–great for saliva drool area (under chapped noses, windburn, etc.)

    A note on the allergy comments–Lansinoh Lanolin is hypoallergenic because the two components that have been found to cause lanolin allergy (harsh detergent residues and naturally occurring free lanolin alcohols, Takano et al study) have been removed. That is actually what Lansinoh the name means—Lan (Lanolin) Sin (latin for Without) Oh (symbol for alcohol). We take the utmost care to ensure our product is as safe as possible given moms and babies are using it and so it does not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding (an ouchy proposition when a mom is already sore!). Just wanted to perk in about it!
    Gina Ciagne, CLC
    Breastfeeding Advisor and Counselor
    Lansinoh Laboratories

  18. says

    This is such a great post. I was quite lucky and didn’t have to use the Lansinoh very often. But, I do have a thumbsucking baby who is teething and getting the red patches on his cheek and chapped thumb. Thanks!

  19. Nutmeg says

    About lanolin allergy. I had my allergic reaction to Lansinoh.. so you can indeed be allergic to this particular “hypoallergenic” product, even when the greatest care is taken by the makers of the product.

    This is really important to me because I spent weeks wondering what was wrong with my trying to trouble shoot my problems and spreading more and more lanolin on myself assuming it was making things better. I was having reynauds of my nipples (and it was winter so VERY bad), thought I had thrush and was generally miserable for weeks before I figured it out. I hate to think a mother might give up nursing, for instance, because of pain like I went through, when it could have been prevented. I didn’t know I could be allergic to this product and it’s important for people to realize it’s possible.

  20. Kelly Atkinson says

    I break out into a sweat if I don’t have a tube of Lansinoh in my bag. The best lip balm ever made!

  21. April says

    What a great find! My daughter is almost two and she has developed a rashy irritation around her bottom lip. It seems to be from constant licking (and just playing with her tongue). We will try a little bit tonight and see how she responds to it.

    It helps to here about the people who had allergic reactions, as a precaution to those of us trying it. But, also good to here from Gina Ciagne about the product being hypoallergenic. Doesn’t mean nobody will ever have a reaction to it, but it gives me a little more confidence in using it. As with anything, apply with caution and go from there.

    Thanks for posting!!