Inflatable wading pool converts shower stall into a toddler “bathtub”

Kirsten’s ingenuity is fantastic:

I live in a place without a bathtub, so I’ve had to hack one for my toddler. I used a plastic storage bin until it became too small. Then, I picked up an inflatable wading pool. It’s great because it’s a little bit bigger than the shower stall, but malleable so I can fit it in there. I don’t need to fill it very full for my daughter (and her really long legs) to have a great time taking a real bath.

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  1. Rich says

    Argh! When we remodeled our only bathroom with a tub, we used a large sterilite storage bin in the shower stall … which was a pain to empty (but they loved it!)

    This would have been much easier to drain!

    What we did use, though, was a shower head that had a spray hose attachment that came off. When you plug in the hose to the shower head, the shower head turns off. We still use it in our new bathroom, and it is great for rinsing shampoo off the kids.

    (our stall is small so we didn’t want one of those hand held ones on a hook)

  2. Lisa J. says

    LOVE this! We have ample tubs at home, but sometimes we have the shower only problem when we travel. This will save us from any more screaming fits when J is forced to get a bath! Thanks!

  3. says

    I think this hack just saved my bacon. I was wondering what I was going to do if we haven’t moved before the weather gets cold again. We live in a rental and the tub is way too cold to have baths in during the winter, but my son has just about outgrown the toddler tub. This would give him an extra layer between bum & cold tub and more room to bathe, I mean splash. Thanks!

  4. Kirsten says

    One little additional tidbit: get a back up in case you spring a hole you can’t find (or several). They are cheap, but probably hard to find in the winter. I do think they are more comfy than the tub too. The shower head has worked great as “rain” and my daughter really likes that part of her bath now. I can actually get her to let me wash her hair now willingly.

  5. says

    we couldnt find an appropriate wading pool for our shower
    we ended up going to the local “home depot type place” and finding a GIANT rubber tub
    our almost 3 year old is TALL
    and it comes up to her shoulders, she loves it
    she used to use an inflatable duck meant for babies which worked, but she was quite cold as it was only waste high
    i feel that bathtime is so important so we’re going to keep trying, dont know what to do when she’s too big for the tub!

  6. Nicole K says

    My son is two and has been showering with either my husband or I since he was 15 months old. (We alternate nights so each parent gets a little down time and so he doesn’t always expect the same parent) He loves the shower and since we have to shower anyway it saves some water and time. If we don’t need a shower (sometimes we’ll shower earlier if we’ve done yard work) then he gets to take a bath and thinks it’s the greatest treat to be in the tub for a change. My point – if you don’t have a tub, stop worrying about it and just take a shower with your toddler. We have loads of fun with cups, character wash cloths, and just general silliness. It’s faster for rinsing and he’s not freaked out about water in his eyes.

  7. says

    Blow-up kiddie pools are also great for babies with diaper rash. We blew ours up and put it in the living room so our twins could go diperless with out us having to worry about messing up the carpet.

  8. says

    This is such a good idea. What an energy saver and your little one can still have fun in their bath!Now is a great time to stock up on the wading pools.