14 May 2009

Do your kids wear shoes without socks? Put antiperspirant on their feet to prevent blisters

Sharon's hack comes just in time for the switch to warm weather shoes:

My 4 year-old daughter likes to wear shoes without socks, which often causes blisters. I spray a little antiperspirant on the area likely to blister...then when she wears her favorite flip flops, sandals, or ballet flats, she can walk all day with NO BLISTERING! I don't know if it is the lack of moisture that does it...or if it just makes the rubbing less irritating...but it works (for parents too!).

My guess would be that perspiration increases friction between the feet and the shoes, causing blisters. I wonder if baby powder or corn starch would have the same effect? Or a swipe of gel or solid antiperspirant? (Slightly messier, but no aerosol cans or yucky mist to be inhaled.)

Thoughts? On a related note, does anyone have favorite blister cures?

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Nylons under socks in hiking boots work well to prevent blisters. The boot rubs on the nylon and not on the foot. Not as practical for sandals ...

I read this tip quite a few years ago before a Florida holiday and was a bit skeptical but it worked a treat. I've only ever tried aerosol deodorants but have never got a blister when I've used it.

I wear shoes without sox and put baby powder in my shoes. Keeps my feet dry and my shoes don't smell as bad over time.

Yikes! Remember that Antiperspirants contain aluminum as the key active ingredient -- which has been linked in some studies to Alzheimer's. The research is not yet conclusive, and findings have been mixed, but why take a chance by exposing your child to excess aluminum needlessly?

Better safe than sorry --stick with talcum, corn starch or sandals that can be work with socks.

Some references:


@Amy: Thanks for that. I was just about to make a similar comment.

Ok, I appreciate the comments about being careful and trying to prevent Alzheimer's. But how much deodorant in reality are you spraying on your child? And over time, your child is going to develope a callous in that area, and not need it anyway. Everything we use as humans now days is going to harm us, or our children.

As a runner, I always use a product called Body Glide. No odor, always protects.


Band-Aid now makes a "Friction Block Stick" that works like a charm for our family. I have a feeling that it's probably the aforementioned Body Glide in a smaller stick, but it's great!

Kudos to Amy... a little here.. a little there really adds up! there are some aluminum free deodorants now you could also try. I'd stick to baby powder in the shoes.

Trader Joe's makes a very inexpensive aluminum & paraben free stick deodorant...better safe that sorry! Why expose kids to these chemicals so early?

yes, but the anti-persperant effect is the trick needed, a deoderant won't work.

if you get home to discover blisters begining, treat it just like a burn. Soak the feet in cool water, not icy, but do replace with fresh cool water if it gets room tempish. This should lower the built up friction heat & minimize the blister.

I agree with Candy; BodyGlide is the way to go! I get mine from The Running Room. It's probably available at any running enthusiast store.

Amy in Michigan: Just as an FYI re: Talcum: http://www.cancer.org/docroot/cri/content/cri_2_6x_talcum_powder_and_cancer.asp
Probably best to stick to the cornstarch baby powders. Unfortunately tho, baby powder doesn't last the day, especially with sweaty feet.

I'm going to look out for the Body Glide/Friction Block Stick by Band Aid. Sounds like it's particularly good for toes and heels.

I have actually done this one myself but not to prevent blisters, just to keep my feet from smelling. My kids skip the socks a lot. I had never thought about the not sweating = not getting blisters. Love this idea!

yes, body glide is an amazing product -great for anyone athletic but i never thought to use it in this way. thanks!

That sounds like a great idea except if there is an open sore. Putting deodorant/anti-perspirant on an open sore will cause the chemicals to go straight into the bloodstream and that is not a good idea. Sorry to be a downer.

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