Post a cleaning agenda in each room


Clancy’s simple, visual housecleaning tip would work so well for me and my family: One hack I do that I like is this: I survey a room in my house and figure out all the cleaning tasks that need to be done in that room. Then I make a list of those tasks on a […]

Old-fashioned ice crusher makes a perfect hot weather distraction


Here's how Eugenie keeps her toddler busy and cool at the same time: I'm always desperate for things to keep my very active 20-month-old boy busy in the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner. I recently pulled out our old-timey, crank-style ice crusher, and voilá! He and I carefully fill the top with ice cubes, we […]

Too-small stretch pants make fine capri pants

I love that Jamie's daughter's wearing "hand-me-ups"! I know everyone is looking for ways to save money, especially families with kids. I have to give credit for this hack to my three year old daughter. She is really expressing her independence by choosing her own clothes and dressing herself each day. The other day she […]

How to make healthy, layered freezer pops


Jennifer’s fun, healthy popsicle alternative: I make freezer pops with organic juice, organic yogurt and frozen blueberries all added into each pop holder- YUMMY and good for you! They come out layered and spotted! Does anyone else have good freezer pop “recipes”? Mine never turn out as delicious as I think they should. Related: Frozen […]

Tape combination to padlock so it won’t be forgotten over the summer


Stu sent this to me a long time ago, and I’ve been hanging on to it till the end of the school year! Great tip for students, and for the rest of us who tend to throw padlocks into drawers without noting the combination: If your kid uses a combination lock at school, but tends […]

Colander + plate = secure basket for washing small toys


Andi's hack will bring joy to the parents of the Lego/K'nex obsessed: My daughter has become obsessed with building toys. In her case, specifically with Bionicles, K'nex and Legos. I'm not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination but I do want to wash these toys once in a while. [Funny, I've never […]

Let toddlers finger paint inside a wading pool

Finger painting in a wading pool

Before you fill the kiddie pool with water, here’s another idea, from Isabel: My kid likes to paint himself and any nearby surface during finger painting (he’s two). Indoor finger painting in the wading pool makes clean-up easy. I put the pool in a different room during my kid’s post-painting bath. Then I just put […]