02 April 2009

Set empty Easter baskets out for the bunny to fill

Julieta applies Christmas stocking logic to her kids' Easter Baskets:

Since the Easter Bunny brings my kids their Easter baskets, I felt like I had to buy new ones every year -- now we have a bunch of baskets around the house, not to mention the extra cost (especially if you buy those fancy ones). I decided this year to tell my kids we would leave our baskets out for the Easter Bunny to fill up! That way, they still get goodies from the bunny, and I don't have to buy new baskets every year.

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That's how my family has always done Easter baskets. I think it's really fun to have your childhood Easter basket, like your childhood stocking, to keep forever. The Easter Bunny hides all the eggs and fills up the Easter baskets with candy and gifts.

How funny, I never knew that wasn't the way that everyone did it. We also just had one basket to share for the whole family. Also after we found the eggs we would spend the whole day hiding them and looking for them again. Of course, always count your eggs, or number them, before you hide them so that you don't lose any.

My mother-in-law writes names on all the eggs and hides them according to her grandchildren's abilities to find them. That way the big kids have to look for the harder to find eggs with thier names written on them, and the little kids can find their eggs in the grass, etc.

I still have my Easter basket from my childhood and I bought each of my kids a basket when they were born. We don't formally leave them out but I suppose the Easter Bunny knows where I keep them in the storage room b/c they're always full Easter Morning. So is the obnoxious singing duck that I got at a baby shower. He can stay for one week, then he'll Quackety Quack himself back to storage until next year.

I have never thought of keeping my girls baskets until the next year. It was not a family tradition when I was growing up. I did splurge a little more this year and buy better more expensive baskets, that I tied ribbon around. I use different colors for each girl. My oldest always gets pink, middle gets blue, and youngest gets yellow. This goes for balls, and other misc. toys. Keeping these baskets and filling later, really would be great. Besides, look at all the different multi colored things I can collect in a year. YIPPIE!!

It never occurred to me to get my daughter a new basket every year! I still have my childhood basket--and my daughter just has the one. The night before, we would set out our Easter basket filled with the Easter eggs (real eggs) we had spent Saturday dyeing--then on Sunday Easter morning, when we woke up, the Easter bunny would've hidden the real eggs in the yard and refilled the baskets with goodies!

That's what we've always done. I also save the plastic eggs from the outdoor egg hunt and keep them in a bin. On Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent) we put them on the back porch so the Easter Bunny can pick them up and fill them for this year's hunt. We've used the same eggs for 5 years now!

My 2 year old has held on to most of the plastic eggs her treats came in from last year, as toys. About a month ago I convinced her to gather them up, to give to the Easter Bunny to fill. It's not so much to save us buying new ones, as it is an excuse to get them temporarily out of circulation and not have to have twice as many floating around in a couple of weeks.

Works great as long as they don't destroy the baskets...our first set made it 2 years. The bunny will be bringing new ones this year (and picking them back up a week later before they get used as a step stool again...hee hee).

I remember wondering why stores sold those baskets wrapped in plastic year after year! I had no idea some kids got a new, 'disposable' basket each year!

We did the decorate the eggs on Saturday, find them on Sunday game. My parents hid them all indoors though, in the air conditioned house. Easter supper always included devilled eggs & very eggy potato salad cause Mom wasn't going to waste food! (I switched to plastic eggs for my girls!)

Their baskets were packed away when they were teens, my basket gets put out with bits of easter bunny decor, then, chocolate appears on Easter morning, like it always did. Much better chocolate than when they were little though!

I didn't know that wasn't the standard tradition. Growing up, we all had our own easter baskets that we left out empty the Saturday night before Easter.
and my parents usually did the dyeing with us on Saturday - leading to some dye-covered hands at Sunday Easter Mass!

I agree keeping baskets from year to year makes the most sense. Especially if you make the baskets - then they can be handed down from generationt to generation.

That's how we grew up too. I think we only went through 2 baskets our whole childhood!

We also left out lettuce and carrots for the bunny; like cookies for santa. :)

We do this too, except we put a few carrots in each basket for the Easter Bunny! He takes the carrots and fills the baskets! The girls love it!

My mom always got us "practical" easter baskets. We got purses, cups, once we got cafeteria style sectioned plates.

But then I don't remember ever thinking the easter bunny brought the basket, I always knew it was from my mom so the scenario might have been a little different.

One of my daughters has a easter basket that I made that has survived a few years. My youngest tore her basket up a few years back. This year I did something different. I went to the dollar store and purchased 2 of the small laundry hampers. They are pretty big for an easter basket but I crumpled newspapers in the bottom before putting in easter grass. The baskets are about 1 foot squared and was only $1.00 each. I added $1.00 worth of easter grass to each and then filled them with candy and a few toys and shrink wrapped each with the shrink wrap basket cello bags that you can purchase for $1.00 at the dollar store. The baskets look store bought but look personal inside of each. The shrink wrap also protects the basket and contents from early morning dew.

We reuse our baskets -- too much garbage and waste to keep buying new! Also, the best part, in our house, is the hunt for the eggs. Leaving them out to be filled would take away that fun, I think. But if this is your family's tradition, great idea!

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