Scoop up bath toys with a butterfly net

Here's how Vanessa turns bath toy cleanup into a game:

We use a small butterfly net to fish toys out of the bathtub while the water's draining. Makes cleanup a snap – older kids will get a kick out of "fishing" them out themselves. When you do use it you'll find that you can kneel next to the tub and avoid lower back strain from the old bend and grab method. Get thee to Target or WalMart to pick one up before these seasonal items sell out!

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  1. says

    We also use our butterfly net to get things off the top bunk of our girls’ bunk bed, such as her water bottle to refill it. It’s a great tool, as is the wooden back scratcher that I use to reach items in the back of high cupboards/shelves.

  2. Louisa says

    We use something similar to scoop the poop out of the bathtub when one of the girls has an accident during bathtime. Gross, I know, but effective. (Of course we also remove the children, drain and disinfect the tub, etc., but this makes picking up the actual poop easier).

  3. says

    Mine is already 5 (know how to hold those puppies in), but boy does that bring me back to the old days. Baby poo in tub, ishy!!

  4. says

    My little daughter also loves to take a bath inside our mini-tub and she loves to bring in a lot of her toys to play.

    I never have tried using a net and it just gave me a smart idea.

    Thanks a lot!


  5. Kaylin says

    The net’s a great idea! But remember to go through the bath toys to find the ones that retain water, and squeeze out as much water as possible to avoid getting mold/mildew inside them. Some of ours got really disgusting after I forgot to do that a few times, even though we’re in a dry climate…