Parent Hacks admin: On the road

I am just bowled over by the outpouring of understanding and comfort brought on by my last post. Thank you for the comments and emails, and for all of the wonderful offers of help. I’m out of town right now — on my first-ever blogger “junket” out to meet the Pampers folks at Procter & Gamble HQ in Cincinnati — and the timing couldn’t be better. Even though it’s only a 36-hour trip, having some time with my blogger friends (and by myself) is clearing the mental fog. My #1 Parent Hacks task once I get home will be to get helpers on board. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, please do poke around in the archives. As Jess said in her comment, there’s enough there to keep you going for a year!

Back soon. You are the best.


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    It was so great meeting you in Cincinnati. You are so smart and I learned a ton because of the questions you asked. I look forward to digging through your site to find helpful parenting tips. (I’m putting the sharpie in my purse for our next family outing :)
    Take care,