links for 2009-04-08

Chief Family Officer: WFMW: What do you put in an inexpensive Easter basket besides candy? More great non-food ideas for the Easter basket. Filling Those Easter Baskets | Heavenly Homemakers Healthy, creative ideas. Thanks, Laura!

Turn an old crib into a baby gate and a garden trellis

Crib turned into baby gate

Pam figured out a way to integrate a broken baby crib into her family’s babyproofing plan: We broke our daughter’s first crib (tiny plastic latch and the side rail wouldn’t stay up anymore, turns out the crib was discontinued and we needed to replace the whole thing). What do you do with a broken crib? […]

Scoop up bath toys with a butterfly net


Here's how Vanessa turns bath toy cleanup into a game: We use a small butterfly net to fish toys out of the bathtub while the water's draining. Makes cleanup a snap – older kids will get a kick out of "fishing" them out themselves. When you do use it you'll find that you can kneel […]

“Sensory friendly films” are a great opportunity to take a toddler to the movies for the first time

Today is World Autism Awareness Day — I hope you’ll take some time to learn more about how Autism spectrum disorders affect kids…including, likely, someone close to you. Seems the perfect opportunity to share Angela’s tip for taking a toddler to the movies — it’s helpful for everyone: My husband and I love going to […]