Much Momversation goodness!


While on my little due-to-real-life PH hiatus, I’m still Twittering quite a bit (thank God for the microblogging lifeline) and continue to thoroughly enjoy my work with Momversation. To call it “work” is rather silly…although I get paid, the fun and interest is worth much more.

My most recent episodes include a chat about what I’m not giving up despite the recession, and who controls the checkbook, but there are many more episodes I’m not a part of, and they’re all fantastic. If you’ve got a spare five minutes, have a look.


  1. joy says

    thanks, asha, for bringing a little dose of reality to the momversation about the recession. hello! how many moms even have a gardener, nanny, and cleaning lady to consider cutting back on! “oh, i can’t have dark roots showing” good grief! many of us actually have been cutting back and sacrificing, and i found the other two moms’ comments pretty insulting. thank you for having a decent idea of self!