Cookie sheet as “stepstool” helps little kids climb into bed

Kelly’s creative idea for helping her child climb into bed:

Our 3 year old is tiny and needs help climbing in and out of bed. We tried an inexpensive Ikea stool that worked great except it gets ‘misplaced’ throughout the day. So, I wedged a cookie sheet between the mattress and box spring, leaving about two inches peeking out. She uses that little ledge as a ladder to climb up and down. She’s happy; I’m happy.

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  1. says

    My daughter’s bed is against the wall, but does not sit flush because of the frame. I have pushed the mattress all the way to the wall which leaves about 2-3 inches of the box spring showing. She uses that as a step to get into bed. I actually did the same thing to the master bed, too, so the kids can get into that without help.

  2. Portland Mama says

    We put a bunky board (for bunk beds) under our daughter’s mattress instead of a box so it was low enough for her to climb onto without help. She’s six now and it is still that height — it’s perfect for her.