Shorten pajamas with first aid tape

Kendra’s quick, no-sew pajama-hemming hack:

We’re big fans of superhero PJs and sleep pants, but we either have to buy several sizes too big to even get a pair (e.g. Life Is Good lounge pants) or the buggers are simply far too long.

After about the millionth cuffing / quick-basting / waistband rolling gave out, I found a better way: Nexcare first aid tape! I use the 1-inch wide Flexible Clear Tape. I turn the pants inside out, fold to the right length, and tape the cuffs down all the way around. The tape has made it through multiple washes (even on shrink-prone cotton pants) and I can remove it and lower the “hemming” as the kids grow. You can see a flat line where the tape is once the pants are turned back around, but since it’s PJs, no one cares. And the tape is bendy enough that even my super-sensitive eldest kid doesn’t mind how it feels on his legs.

We got our tape at the local grocery store. I’ve seen it in several big-box pharmacy stores too.

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  1. says

    Another related hack I’ve discovered (which works well with girls who grow tall but not wide) is to convert outgrown stretch pants into pajama pants (match with a t-shirt) or to wear under dresses in the winter. They still fit in the waist, so it’s fine for them to be a bit short (like capri pants) since they’re not being worn in the traditional manner.

    Also, I keep letting them wear pajamas that are a size or two small, since they’re usually just shorter on the arms and legs, but not too tight.

  2. Jess4356 says

    Great idea, thanks! Pajamas are my favorite gift to buy for my kids and sometimes you have to find ways to improvise on sizes. I just bought some New Jammies for my little ones from since I hardly have any time to stop by the mall after work!

  3. Darcy says

    Great idea! I use the same type tape to label my kids clothes for school, etc. Sharpie markers sticks through several washes and the tape stays perfect. Then you can still pass on the clothes or consign them without having your kids’ initials there for good.