The Double-Daring Book for Girls: more daring fun and inspiration


I just got a note from author Andi Buchanan announcing the arrival The Double-Daring Book for Girls — follow-up volume to the wildly successful Daring Book for Girls (which itself was inspired by the Dangerous Book for Boys). I'm thrilled. These books contain enough how-to and inspiration to keep kids going all summer. I'm going […]

Boon Bender spoons make self-feeding a bit easier

In addition to their Keekaroo adjustable high chair, Ellen thinks these spoons simplify toddler mealtimes: We recently found a wonderful spoon for feeding babies and young kids: The Boon Bender. The plastic is malleable and can be angled, so it's handy for kids who aren't that coordinated about getting food into their mouths. Boon makes […]

How to teach kids to put on their own jackets


Ah, the wisdom of preschool teachers. If you've never seen the "magic jacket trick" that helps kids put their jackets on by themselves, Kim spells it out: I think preschoolers learn this in class, but the younger toddlers can do it too. Tell your child that this is a "magic" trick place the jacket on […]

links for 2009-03-19

Flexible Dreams: Cupcake Safe Hack Ridiculously, head-slappingly obvious once you see the picture. Thanks, Amy! How Do You Deal With Bullies? | Momversation Great conversation going on in the comments of this episode. Click over and join in!