Organize baby clothes in appropriately-sized diaper cartons

A brilliantly simple way to keep the various sizes of baby clothes organized, from Becky:

I wish I had thought of this hack when I was sorting through old baby clothes. A friend from a baby class told me that she packs her daughter's newborn clothes in the empty newborn size diaper box. We get our diapers from Sam's Club and have large diaper boxes that would have been perfect for this! Now all her newborn clothes are in the newborn diaper box, 0-3 months in size 1, etc. Such a great idea!

It is a great idea. Another option: closet dividers. An exceptionally organized friend of mine had all of her kids' clothes sorted right on the closet rack. Of course, this involves hanging everything up, and I'm more of a shove-it-in-the-drawer type. If you're like me, another possibility is to get inexpensive drawer dividers (shoe boxes or small baskets would work as well) and to label them and the drawers with your handy labelmaker.

PS: Another use for those bulk diaper boxes: turn them into portable diaper storage.

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  1. says

    This is what we did until we had a pipe burst above were we stored the clothes in the basement. We clothes in soggy cardboard is not a fun mess to clean up. Now I have them all in those jumbo ziplock bags with the size Sharpied on the front. Bonus is you can see what’s in the bag so when I was serching for a particular dress to lend a friend it took no time to locate it.

    And, now that I have a stockpile of girly clothes sorted by size in nice see-through bags I’m sure when I have a second I am guaranteeing myself a boy. But at least they will be organized when I take them to the resale shop!

  2. Kimberly C says

    This doesn’t work with the Seventh Generation diaper boxes. We order online once a month, the box gets here just fine, but it disintegrates if you try to pack up clothes or toys in it. The hack worked well with the thick boxes from pampers/huggies/luvs etc.

  3. Nicole K says

    Roaches love cardboard. They’ll live in it – eat it – and leave you little presents. I’d stick with the plastic vacuum bags or just fabric bins. I found out about the roaches in college because I used under the bed boxes to store old textbooks in my dorm room. What a disgusting mess!