Keekaroo adjustable high chair makes baby feeding easier

Ellen's high chair recommendation comes with a liberal helping of dry humor:

A year or so ago we bought a Keekaroo, a stellar wooden feeding chair that gives great support. We got ours with a supercushy plastic cushion that's easy to wipe down. It's for tots ages six months up, and can be adjusted to fit someone up until (so says the site) 250 pounds. I'd say that if your child hits 250 pounds, you've been using the feeding chair entirely too much and need to go find a hobby.

I love high chairs that can grow with a baby, look nice, and not take up the entire kitchen. Are there others you'd vouch for?


  1. says

    I love our Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. We have twins so price and space are always an issue for us. We skipped the high chairs all together and went straight to the Booster Seat at six months when the babies started eating solids. They fit on top of our kitchen chairs so I can slide them under the table when not in use. They are very easy to clean. They also grow with the kids and can be used with our with out the tray. When the kids are old enough they can be raised up and used right at the table. I was also excited to see that they also come in red and white (which matches our kitchen much better than the older models. They are also much less expensive than a high chair, normally around $30.

    Here are our photos of our happy babies using their F-P booster chairs.

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    We are using a Stokke Tripp Trapp and we are mostly happy with it. The major complaint we have is that its rather big (following from it being stable).

    But it feels incredibly sturdy and after four children (our two and the previous owners two) and something like 13 years it have some bruises but nothing to serious.

  3. Amy says

    Also a big fan of using booster seats and skipping high chairs. Our boosters came with seatbelts and trays. The tray can be removed for eating at the table, and the seatbelt can be pushed to the side or removed when the child doesn’t need it any more.

  4. Dan J Reed says

    Our boy loves the Boon Flair high chair. Modern, sleek, EASY TO CLEAN! and 100% pure form and function.

    Easy to roll from kitchen into dining room.

    5 point harness, straps come off to clean, so does the cushy foam pad.

  5. Bev says

    IKEA do 2 tall chairs, (not high chairs in the traditional sense)

    they are brilliant, they are very cheap, look nice in the kitchen and enable toddlers/pre-schoolers to eat at the table without having to kneel. My DD has been using one since she was about 18 months, but that would depend on your child.

    Ours has been in daily use for about 8 years and adults have been known to sit on it as well.

  6. Amanda says

    We have a Stokke Tripp Trapp too – love that it pulls up to the table, easy to clean, real wood, not brightly colored plastic. Should withstand several kids.

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    We use the Evenflo Expressions in our house, and it’s really great. Very affordable, adjustable height, and the chair itself has several reclining positions.

  8. Lex says

    The Keekaroo seems to be suspiciously similar to Stokke Trippe Trappe which has been around for years and years. LOVE the Trippe Trappe!

  9. Noonie says

    My sister in law has one of these for my nephew. He is 5 and it’s as sturdy as the day they bought it. Or should I say her mom bought it? It’s 30+ years old and has had 4 kids using it growing up and now their kids are using it. Still looks good after all these years and kids. :)

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    We have 3 of the Stokke Tripp Trapps (of which the Keekaroo is a copy, I believe). Stokke is a Norwegian company, and the Tripp Trapp was launched in 1972. They are used all over the world and have been available here in Australia for at least 7 years.

    The chairs are designed to accomodate babies right through to adults, (for adults the foot-stool becomes the seat) which is why we have 3.

    Our 8, 6 and 3 year olds sit at them, and sit at the same height at the table. They have shared our table with us from the time they were 6 months old (they did not need trays on their chairs).

    As our girls are both short for their ages, the chairs are excellent. Our 8 year old would still be lower on a normal chair than she is on her Tripp Trapp.

    They are without doubt, the BEST baby purchase we made.

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    We’re also have a Stokke Tripp Trapp and are very happy with it. It is very, very sturdy although still not heavy or cumbersome to move. I like that it puts our son right up at the table with everyone else. And ours is in the “natural” finish, so it very closely matches our maple dining furniture & cabinetry.

    On the downside, the little plastic pads on the bottom make the chair very easy for our toddler to scoot around on our tile floor while seated in the chair. I’ve tried adding some little rubber pads but that lessened but didn’t altogether solve that problem. Also the web straps are difficult to clean completely.

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    We’ve used three highchairs and the Keekaroo is by far my favorite. I love that it is all wood with no padding for disgusting food particles to fall in and hide under. Chicco Mama and an Evenflo model were the other two we used and had gotten rid of because of this.