Favorite multipurpose kitchen tool: Kyocera Cera Planer

Kendra uses/loves her Kyocera ceramic scraper enough to tell us great things about it:

My favorite "mom tool" is a ceramic scraper made by a company called Kyocera (called the Cera Planer on the handle). I first got it from a cutlery company that sold it with their high-end wooden cutting boards, but now I've seen it available at Amazon and elsewhere for a shade under $20.

It was billed as a good way to clean gunk off the soft wooden boards without scrubbing or damaging them (which it does just fine), but I discovered it scrapes practically anything off practically anything. My current favorite use is to get Scotch tape and stickers off our kitchen floors (which my kids do a LOT). I also use it to clean pancake batter off the kitchen counter the next day, and to get around the burners when something overflows on the stove, etc.

It has a lot of advantages over a razor blade:

  • You can get a lot of muscle behind it because of the handle
  • It's dishwasher safe, so you can use it on clean stuff and dirty stuff (you can also wash it by hand quick if your project is very large and gunky)
  • You can leave it on a counter without the kids cutting a finger (or you). Or you can "let" the kids take a turn.

It took about four years of heavy use before the ceramic blade started to wear to the point where I had to favor the still-keen-edged corners. I'm ordering a replacement now, and that's what made me think of suggesting it to Parent Hacks. [Thanks for that, Kendra. — Ed.]

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