Compressed sponges as bath toys

I had forgotten how much I loved compressed sponges as a child — the way they magically expanded in water. Good friends and delighted parents Dave (Rollyo, Davenetics) and Gina (Splendora) reminded me:

We use little sponges for the bath and shower. Hersch loves seeing them go from flat and hard to spongy when they hit the water.

Not to mention the squeezy fun once they’re puffed up.

I’ve seen five-packs at Trader Joe’s for a decent price (and they make great car washing sponges). We’ve also had good fun with compressed terry washcloths found at the dollar store.

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  1. says

    These can also be cut into fun shapes. We trace patterns onto ours and cut them out (trains and dinosaurs are popular at our house)…if you have a sizix (my wife loves scrapbooking) it makes cutting them out even easier.