Carry a small amount of lotion in a contact lens case

Judy's got a smart hack for keeping a bit of cream or lotion on hand (On hand! Ha! Get it? Because you put lotion on your hands? What? You think puns are a base form of humor?):

With the cold weather, my little boy's cheeks always need a bit of lotion. There is a brand that I'm fond of, but since I'm not one for cavernous diaper bags, I don't want to haul around the whole bottle. While rummaging through junk drawers I found an unused contact lens case and realized it was perfect for carrying the lotion. It won't leak, and if you want, the two sides are labeled so you could put two different items in it (i.e. lotion and Vaseline). They're easy to clean, and if you're a contact wearer, you'll have a ton kicking around the house.

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  1. Anissa says

    I also use them for keeping a few pain killers in my purse (one side Tylenol and one side Advil). It holds ~6 or so each side, and it’s easy to refill. Plus it doesn’t rattle like carrying a bottle.

  2. Janie says

    Thanks! Finally a good idea for recycling these things! I’m sure have at least a dozen in my bathroom drawers!