Boon Bender spoons make self-feeding a bit easier

In addition to their Keekaroo adjustable high chair, Ellen thinks these spoons simplify toddler mealtimes:

We recently found a wonderful spoon for feeding babies and young kids: The Boon Bender. The plastic is malleable and can be angled, so it's handy for kids who aren't that coordinated about getting food into their mouths.

Boon makes lots of innovative, stylish baby gadgets, including the Flo (an attachment that turns your bathtub faucet into a gentle shampoo-rinser) and the Flair (a pneumatic pedestal high chair).

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I bought these for my son and am waiting for them to arrive. It’s great to know that I picked a good product! The little man just can’t get the food into his mouth yet…

  2. GB says

    My son definitely prefers his left hand over his right and most of the curved learner utensils don’t work for him as they are oriented to the right hand. This seems like a great option for us to try. If he switches to favor the right, it won’t be a problem either!