Best of Parent Hacks: Easter fun


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    Valentine’s Day? My 6yo informed us a few weeks ago that the next “Candy Holiday” was St. Patrick’s Day because the Leprechaun would be bringing chocolate coins. I believe the kindergarten teacher last year was responsible for that one. I did not continue the lovely tradition.

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    Thanks for the great list… I tried the Veggie Booty hack last year, my husband thought I was crazy :) I thought it was a great idea!

    It’s not truly a hack, but for the crafty people, here’s a pattern and instructions a friend of mine did to make your own basket:

  3. Kyotocutie says

    Along with Anisa’s recommendations of alternative, non-candy, basket stuffers, I’d like to suggest canning the basket too! What am I gonna do with a bunch of pink baskets? I’ve used lunch boxes, upturned baseball caps, waste baskets, sand buckets, tumblers, pencil boxes, you name it! Anything that can be used instead of stored :)

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  5. Jess says

    You’re Jewish? We are, too! Do you know any Passover hacks? A seder is a long time for kids to sit at the table. Do you have a favorite Haggadah for kids? Thanks!

  6. MidlifeMidwife says

    We’re Jewish, too, but not traditionally observant. Our Passover Haggadah is of the cut-and-paste variety, runs about 10 xeroxed pages, lasts 1/2 hour, and includes things for the kids to do at certain points of the Seder. Plus, everyone dresses up like Jews leaving Egypt (think of the movie “The Ten Commandments”), we use plastic bugs and other toys to act out the plagues, we sing Debbie Friedman songs, and celebrate Miriam’s cup as well as Elijah’s.

    Two members of our extended family live in Israel and come to America every couple of years at Passover. They are fascinated by Easter egg dye kits and always take them home for their grandchildren in Israel.

  7. Rita says

    The first year I made an Easter basket for my oldest, I included a new pair of pjs, since the season change precipitated the need for some new lighter weight ones. Of course, the next year as Easter approached, my daughter was very excited about the prospect of new pjs from Easter bunny–I had to hustle to find some at the last minute. Also planning to include some fun socks this year.

  8. monera says

    We put coins in our easter egg, that way they can save up for something they really want.