Bedtime Ice cubes satisfy thirsty kids AND help them stay dry at night

Bethany's hack for potty training families:

When my 3 yr. old was learning to stay dry at night we wanted to help without dehydrating him before bed so my hubby had a wonderful idea. He puts a few large ice cubes into the cup with just a little water. Our son can only drink a little water at a time while the ice is melting. He stays lightly hydrated and DRY all night!

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  1. Amy Michelle T. says

    Ohhh! Thanks to Bethany for sharing this! I am just starting potty training with my little one and I wondered how to deal with this problem. Great solution! Here’s hoping it works for us as well.

  2. says

    I know this belongs in a separate category, but I use these silicone ice cube trays to make crayons for my kids. I take the remnants of the little crayons, place them inside, pop either in the microwave or the oven for a couple of minutes, then pop in the fridge until cool. I have a set of ABC’s and made personalized goody bags for the kids at my son’s birthday party.

  3. Lori says

    Thanks for this idea. I’m gong to try it tonight. We have been struggling for ages with the whole water at bedtime deal. Here’s hoping this works!