Amazon: Up to 80% off eco-friendly Simple shoes

Simple shoes on sale at AmazonOne of the basic components of an efficient day, for me at least, is slip-on shoes. I take my shoes on and off at least five or six times per day, and fumbling with laces messes with my flow.

Amazon’s just put several styles of Simple shoes on sale…up to 80% off. If you haven’t heard about Simple, it’s a wonderful shoe company dedicated to 100% sustainable materials and ethical production practices. There are both men’s and women’s styles featured in the sale, but I’m looking at the red Mary Janes which were $120, but today are selling for $29.90.


  1. Kathy says

    Wow, that leap between men’s size 13 and 14+ is steep. The up to size 13 shoes for several of their styles are on sale for around $30, and then the 14, 15, and 16 (if available) go back up to $130-$140. That’s an expensive extra ounce or two of leather or cotton.

    I’m not sure how “ethical” I think it is for a sale to adhere to the principle of jacking the price up on the specialty sizes “because people who buy those sizes are used to having to pay more”. I can’t imagine why else the price would jump more than $100 between those two sizes on several styles.

  2. Trish says

    Thanks! I bought the red ones and wore them today. They are wonderful and even better because I only paid $30.