Add ankle weights to umbrella strollers to keep them from tipping

Brilliant! From Noelle:

To keep your umbrella stroller from tipping over from the weight of the diaper bag on the back, we bought a pair of ankle weights and put them on just above the front wheels. This keeps the stroller from tipping over especially when the child gets out.

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  1. Amy Michelle T. says

    THIS is why I love this website! Thank you for posting this tip (and to Noelle for sending it in)!

    I had done everything to get around this issue but never thought to put some weights up front. Luckily I have some ankle weights (which are going unused anyway). I’ll be using this tip a.s.a.p.

  2. says

    Great idea! Only thing is you have to remember to take them off if you don’t have any back weight. Going over a curb could be tricky with too much weight in the front.

  3. Laurie says

    Where oh where do you get these cheap, lightweight $10 umbrella strollers I keep hearing about. We’re going on vacation in July and I would like to get one to take with us. However I cannot find one. Not online nor at Babies R Us. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  4. grimmleigh says

    Laurie – try Kohls or Sears or Kmart for something under $20. I just used and got a good list of a few. Hope that helps!

  5. D4ew says

    Laurie— i see at least 4 or 5 umbrella strollers each Saturday at garage sales and our local kiddie consignment shop(s) usually have several. Garage sale price: $3.00; totally ditching a stroller whilst on vacation when you are done with it… priceless.

  6. says

    We got our $10 stroller at Target (not online, in store). Actually had a $15 gift card and got the stroller and a bunch of socks. That was 3 years ago. Stroller is on its 2nd kid and still going strong.

  7. Christy says

    This is brilliant! A friend and I were just discussing rigging something like this up. Ankle weights never crossed my mind!
    And Laurie, having taken a few of those cheap strollers on vacation, I can say that you WILL want to ditch it there since you will hate it so much. Seriously, some of the best money I’ve ever spent is on a decent umbrella stroller. It steers easily and I don’t kick the wheels constantly. I actually *like* to use it which is more than I can say about just about every other stroller (cheap and small, or expensive but bulky) that I have owned.

  8. Jennifer L. says


    We used a Chicco stroller when our daughter was little for travel and it was a life saver. My husband is tall and the cheap umbrella strollers did not work well for either of us. Plus the stroller had a carrying bag with a shoulder strap for ease in carrying it. I ended up using it more than the big travel system stroller because if was so easy to use and lightweight (around 11 lbs).

  9. Jamie says

    Do the ankle weights make it harder to push? We just took our Mac Quest on vacation and as easy as it is to push, once our 30 lb toddler was in it, plus whatever we could stuff in the basket and on the handle bars it became much more difficult to push (at least compared to our UppaBaby Vista which we use at home). I’m concerned that the ankle weights might make it worse. I wonder if we still have ours from my PT days – if so it’s worth a try to see.

  10. Zucchini says

    I agree with Christy and Jennifer L.’s comment about getting a decent umbrella stroller instead of a cheapie that will just break on you – we also have the Chicco and absolutely love it and its travel carrying bag. We have taken it all over the country and to Disney several times – it is also our everyday stroller now, and it has held up beautifully.

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